World FASD Awareness Day

Reunion celebrates the International FAS Prevention Day, every year since 2002, under the leadership of Dr. Thierry Maillard, with the support of many volunteers, yesterday from Réunisaf, today from SAF Indian Ocean, Resource Center and SAF France.



Spousal conflicts

BEH 10-11 | 26 mars 2019 Date of submission: 09.25.2018 SPOUSAL CONFLICTS, VERBAL ABUSE AND DRINKING DURING PREGNANCY AMONG WOMEN: DATA FROM THE ELFE NATIONAL REPRESENTATIVE COHORT Fabienne El-Khoury1 (, Marie-Aline Charles2, Maria Melchior1 Abstract Introduction Intimate partner violence, including verbal abuse, may be associated with maternal alcohol use during pregnancy. We examined the association between woman’s marital status, spousal conflicts and intimate partner verbal violence, and maternal alcohol use during pregnancy using data from the ELFE study. Methods The analyses are based on the ELFE (Étude longitudinale française depuis l’enfance) representa- tive birth cohort implemented in France in 2011, [...]

« The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy, even high or low, can shortly cause significant risks to the child. This Alcohol taken during pregnancy is, according to the French Academy of Medicine, the first non-genetic cause of disability »

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International FASD Conference
EUFASD 2020, From September 14 to 16, 2020 : ARENDAL, Norway
3 Day conference followed by 2 day German Symposium
For all Professionals and other associated with FASD
To increase understanding about FASD
Keynote presentation from international experts
On-site accommodation available to book
further information: or
EUFASD 2018, 24th – 26th September : Ramada Hotel Berlin, Alexanderplatz