Fetal Alcohol and the right to born healthy

Discovery of the cause(s) of disease(s) however is a demanding, time consuming, and expensive exercise. Also, there is no guarantee for success. Yet, even the modest success in search for causes have the potential to change the outcome and perception. Early diagnosis of a number of cancers for example is now viewed as treatable with reasonable chance of recovery. Also, some heart diseases are being managed and treated with high rate of success. Given this record of success, the research on disease causations continues to increase and the results have begun to pay increasing dividend. Unfortunately, there are cases of diseases where even full understanding of the cause has not resulted in the prevention or treatment of some common and devastating diseases. One such disease is the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

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Preventing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a collective responsibility

Illiteracy, I read, is one of the major barriers to employment. According to the consulted economists, the population of Reunion Island involve about 100,000 illiterates. Now, one of the causes of illiteracy is known: it is the achievement brain Fetal Alcohol According to competent professionals in the field, a Reunionese in utero exposed to alcohol is born every two days; after 20 years it is 3200, after 50 years 9000. Just under 10% of the illiterate, it is a lot, right? Yet it is preventable !

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