Prevalence and predictors of alcohol use during pregnancy

Alcohol consumption during pregnancy in Ireland ranged from 20% in GUI to 80% in SCOPE, and from 40% to 80% in Australia, New Zealand and the UK

Our data suggest that alcohol use during pregnancy is prevalent and socially pervasive in the UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. New policy and interventions are required to reduce alcohol prevalence both prior to and during pregnancy. Further research on biological markers and conventions for measuring alcohol use in pregnancy is required to improve the validity and reliability of prevalence estimates.

by Linda M O’Keeffe (BMJ Open)

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Eurocare General Assembly calls for the defence of Loi Evin


The European Alcohol Policy Alliance, which represents 57 organisations across Europe, is extremely concerned to learn that the loi Evin, one of the world’s most respected public health policies, is under threat by new legislation to be discussed in the French Parliament.

The loi Evin is seen as a model for health agencies of many European countries and indeed worldwide. Weakening this law would be sending a negative message to all European institutions and citizens concerned by the harms caused by alcohol to individuals, families and communities

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