Happy New Year...

Peering into a shattered mirror, I try to find myself,
However, all I am is faceless.
I gave up searching because I am always lost.
You lost when you took away my mirror,
My only hope of learning, and living.
Why can you not fix me?
Oh, right how could I forget you did this to me?
I am trying to get over it, over you,
But finding broken pieces of my heart lying
Around me, reminding me of being not whole.
Looking at me in my mirror only leaves me scared and confused.
I cannot see me, I am faceless.
The world does not see me,
They see a title.
Help me find myself,
Why must I grow knowing I am faceless?

The face of FASD is sometimes faceless, silent as the world goes by not knowing that we exist. I want you to look me in the eyes and not shut me out, not forget about me. I am here. Maybe you need to look in your mirror.

Written by : Jennifer Woodward

Systematic Review of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Interventions Across the Life Span

There is growing evidence for interventions that improve outcomes for early to middle childhood. However, a lack of research exists outside of this developmental period. This lack of research is concerning given the potential positive impact of early intervention, for individuals and, financially, for governments. In addition, the lack of interventions for adolescents and adults further highlights the widening developmental gap and the potential influence of secondary disabilities for this at-risk population.

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Too young to drink

SAF Ocean Indien is proud to informe you that we are honored by EUFASD, Eurocare, NOFAS & Mama beve Bimbo beve for The Best Video Action Too Young To Drink 2015 during September 9th.

You can see Julie Fioretti's film (Blablaprod) in French here