SAF OI invite you to join us in the prevention of FAS

SAF Océan Indien association thank you to welcome us at your place to share our concerns about alcohol during pregnancy and its collorary : Fetal alcohol Syndrome

This monthly newsletter will allow you to discover the daily life of the association, the news on the fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and the actions of our cooperation in the Indian Ocean.

We will be delighted to share with you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Dr Thierry MAILLARD, President of the Association.

International Charter in the prevention of FASD 

Drinking...Whatever the reasons for women drinking during pregnancy, effective prevention srategies need to be identified and addressed within the social, economic, cultural context of every community...

...When more than a million babies are born every year with permanent brain injury from a known and preventable cause, response should be immediate, determined, sustainable, effective...

This charter calls on governments to take action to raise awareness of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and the risks of alcohol use during pregnancy. Governments must promote a consistent, evidence-based message about prevention by supporting the development and circulation of public health information that is clear and consistent: to abstain from alcohol during pregnancy is the only certain way to prevent fetal alcohol spectrum disorder...

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Meeting on the occasion of Mother's day at Saint-Louis

Bel air 2014

Call for paper : EUFASD 3 in Rome : Deadline 15th of  July