Happy New Year

May this new year offer us, at least, 2015 opportunities to work together, again, to prevent...preventable.

Happy New Year 2015

What have we done in 2014 ?

Heat shock factor 2 is a stress-responsive mediator of neuronal migration defects in models of fetal alcohol syndrome

V. Mezger (CNRS), P. Gressens (Inserm) and Al.

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a frequent cause of mental retardation. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying brain development defects induced by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy are unclear. We used normal and Hsf2-deficient mice and cell systems to uncover a pivotal role for heat shock factor 2 (HSF2) in radial neuronal migration defects in the cortex, a hallmark of fetal alcohol exposure.

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Fathers drinking : Also responsible for fetal disorders ?

Animal Cells and Systems, 2013; 17 (6)

Maternal exposure to alcohol in-utero is a known risk and cause of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. FAS children suffer significant problems such as retarded intellect, stunted growth and nervous system abnormalities, social problems and isolation. Until now Fathers have not had a causal link to such disabilities. Ground breaking new research has been revealed which shows Dads may have more accountability.

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Alcool free Together (finally, a refreshing post)

Alkoholfritt Sammen

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