World FASD Awareness Day

Reunion celebrates the International FAS Prevention Day, every year since 2002, under the leadership of Dr. Thierry Maillard, with the support of many volunteers, yesterday from Réunisaf, today from SAF Indian Ocean, Resource Center and SAF France.

We can only be satisfied with the mobilization of this year 2017 where prevention has been extended to the whole island. The development of SAFTHON in Reunion has contributed a lot, but it is the students who should be thanked because they have been able to expand this movement.

The Nurse Institut has raised the awareness of the North, the schools and Sanitary and Social Universities in the South, and Vani Hoareau, our miss at the Tampon.

The media have once again met our expectations and many articles, reports, interviews, have shed light on the issue and the resources put in place in Reunion island. We sincerely thank them.

Finally, by expressing their interest for this day of prevention, the state represented by the Minister of Health, the Mildeca, the ARS of the Indian Ocean, the Department and the town halls, we can hope for a continuation of this action whose mobilization extended throughout the month of September, for the first time.