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Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy could be found guilty of a criminal offence if they damage unborn child

• Legal test case claims brain damaged six-year-old girl is victim of crime • Argues she was 'poisoned' after her mother drank alcohol while pregnant • Case is [...]

« A drink or two may be good for baby? »

We are alarmed to learn of many recent news articles reporting  the results of a recent epidemiological study entitled "Light drinking in pregnancy, a risk for behavioral problems [...]

Dose of alcohol that is safe for the unborn child?

"Risk of cognitive and behavioral disorders in children is apparent only for regular consumption of alcohol from two standard drinks per day. Alcohol is particularly harmful to the [...]

Alcohol and health: assessment and prospects from Inserm

Folder created in collaboration with Prof. Mickaël NAASSILA, Director of INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) ERI 24 Research Group on Alcohol & drug addictions (GRAP). [...]


THE HISTORY OF ALCOHOLIC FETOPATHIES (1997) Paul Lemoine, MD Nantes, France The effects of parental alcoholism on offspring outcome have been known since antiquity. Aristotle, Plutarch, and Diogenes [...]

National Institute for Prevention and Health Education

Opinion surveys conducted by INPES INPES did in 2004 and 2007 a survey of public knowledge about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The results of this [...]