Opinion surveys conducted by INPES

INPES did in 2004 and 2007 a survey of public knowledge about the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The results of this study show a positive evolution since the social norm in this area seems to have moved to « zero alcohol ». The awareness of the risks associated with alcohol intake at the wish of the conception of a child itself, and during pregnancy has a positive impact. This information must be relayed repeatedly because the fetal brain is sensitive to the deleterious effects of alcohol throughout its intrauterine life.

Every year in France,are born about 8000 children made vulnerable by the effects of alcohol on the fetus, that is 1% of births. Among them, 800 are suffering from the severe form, the full FAS, which is manifested by growth retardation, facial dysmorphism (long face, short palpebral fissures (eyelid) philtrum (dimple in the middle of the lip) long, thin upper lip and vermilion, etc..), microcephaly accompanied by mental retardation (mean IQ 75), and cerebral malformation and neuro-behavioral disorders (language, fine motor, instability, etc..) to be detected at a distance (beyond five years).The less severe forms causes learning difficulties, character and behavior disorders, conducting to social exclusion.

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