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Partnership with Natresa

/Partnership with Natresa

Press Conference on September 9, 2009 – prevention  Day of FAS Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Most countries of the world are facing the direct and indirect consequences of alcoholism. Harmful and inappropriate consumption of alcohol has effects not only on those who [...]

Delegation of the Indian Ocean

Delegation of the Indian Ocean In association with NATRESA Under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life Alcohol [...]

Conference with the authorities

Alcoholism - The Mauritian youth decadence Violence, accidents, risk-taking are the main consequences of an excess of glasses of alcohol. Yet our youth does not seem to [...]

Appointment with Press TV and Radio

MBC Radio has opened its microphones to us for an exchange with the Mauritian population. Immediately, we got requests for assistance. We didn’t have to wait for the [...]