Composition of members

♦ The association consists of :

1. Founding members, those who created the Association and who, for the majority, have worked to reduce the risk of FAS children for over 10 years and active members
2. Honorary members, who have rendered service to the association members and corresponding foreign personalities in their countries, contribute to the development of FASD.
3. Benefactors : They are those who provide financial support to the association on terms provided in the bylaws.
The Board of Directors is composed of members from representatives actors prejudices, representative users and members empathetic.

♦ Composition of the Board :

Professional representatives :

  • Edouard KAUFFMANN, Obstetrician gynecologist at CHU Reunion
  • Sylvie CADET, nursing Trainer at IFSI
  • Thierry Maillard, addiction specialist
  • Brahim BOUMAHNI, pediatrician at CHU Reunion

Individual representatives

  • Chantal COLA, Executive Assistant
  • Mrs Cathy MAREE, Trainer
  • Alain Fourmaintraux, retired pediatrician.
  • Mme Séverine CORRE, sage femme libérale
  • Annick Maillot, Specialised trainer, Local coordinator SAF France

Representatives users

  • Claudine DALLEAU, mère de famille
  • Noema ARNE, host at Reunisaf

♦ Composition of the office :

President :


Vice President

Mrs Sylvie CADET

Mme Élodie RIVIÈRE, secrétaire de l'association


Mrs Cathy MAREE

Secretary : Dr Alain FOURMAINTRAUX, coordinator in La Réunion



Assistant Secretary : Brahim BOUMAHNI

Assistant Secretary