13th JOPEOI – Europe Indian Ocean Days of Obstetrics and pediatrics
November 10th 2011 – Sugar Beach Resort, Flic en Flac – Mauritius

First Day Program :

9h Opening

– Dr Thierry Maillard, Chairperson, SAF Ocean Indien, FAS prévention NGO
– Mr. Gérard Lesage, MSK, Chairperson, National Agency for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Substance Abusers
– Dr The Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam, Prime Minister, Republic of Mauritius
9h30 Plenary Session – President : Dr Ita THACOOR, Victoria Hospital (Mauritius)
– mechanisms of the teratogenic effects of alcohol by Dr Alain Fourmaintraux, pediatrician and fetal medicine, CHR Reunion Island
– Neurological Effects of Alcohol During Pregnancy by Pr Ann Streissguth, Ph D, FADU and University of Washington, Seattle, USA

10h30 Break

11h Plenary Session – President : Mrs Simona PICHINI

– Effects of illicit drugs during pregnancy and at birth by Pr Claude Lejeune, pediatrician, University Hospital, Colombes, France
– Effects of tabacco during pregnancy and at birth by Dr Edouard Kauffmann, gynecologist CHR Reunion Island
– Effects of alcohol during pregnancy and at birth by Dr Kathia Cadinouche, MD SAF Ocean Indien, Reunion island.

14h Plenary Session – President : Pr Hery RAKOTOVAO, HJRB, Antananarivo

– FAS diagnosis at birth by Pr Annick Robinson, pediatrician, Children Hospital Antananarivo
– Identification of toxical products : biomarkers of ethanol exposure for pregnant women and newborns by Simona Pichini, PhD, Drug Unit from Istituto Superiore di Sanità di Roma, Italy
– Alcohol and pregnancy : let’s talk about ! French guidelines by Dr Thierry Maillard
– Social Consequences of Exposed Children by Dr Alain Fourmaintraux
– Recommendations, and Why They Are Necessary ? by Pr Ann Streissguth

16h00 Plenary Session – President : Dr Ameenah SOREFAN, Solidarity Minister

– Changing drinking behaviour through screening and Brief Interventions by Leana Olivier, FARR The Cape, South Africa
– Supporting children with Dr Xavier Rose Victoria Hospital and et Marie Josée Dang Kow Early Childhood Intervention Centre, Mahé, Seychelles
– Supporting mothers, with Annick Maillot Leu and Noéma Arne Reunion Island experience and Mr Patrick Boulonne, Mauritius project from Étoile d’Espérance, Alcohol Women NGO from Mauritius

17h 30 Conclusion by SAF OI