Recognize the different clinical expressions of children exposed to alcohol during pregnancy



» What is FASD (All Troubles Caused by Alcoholization the fetus)?
» Know how to diagnose a child with FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome).
» Understand the neuro behavioral troubles of these exposed children.

Accompany children exposed to gestational alcoholization

» Identify the course of a child diagnosed with FAS at birth
» What to do for a child exposed and apparently healthy at birth
» Know how to perform testing a child for school failure which you suspect prenatal alcoholization as the main cause

Allow the detection of alcohol consumption of the mother



» Know the tools to « open dialogue » Know how to listen, evaluate consumption, estimate the risk for the pregnancy coming to recognize the difficulties of the mother.
» Encourage the woman to stop her drinking

Know how to provide information without ambiguous abstinence to alcohol during pregnancy

»  What are the effects of moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
» Inform about the harmfulness of alcohol during pregnancy and recommend total abstinence based on the recommendations of the French Society of Alcoholism.

Alcohol-dependent women: ensuring support this multidisciplinary care in a health system

»  Support to  weaning by relying on other actors in the prevention
»  Knowing the existing devices thet can be mobilized in your area with the doctor as federator of this prevention.