As usual , we first wished to inform health care professionals so that they do not find themselves lacking when needed .
Thus ,a conférence was organized to raise awareness of the consequences of gestational alcohol professionals , especially in health, in Nosy Be.
This awareness was conducted in Madagascar , by a Malagasy doctor , Dr. Andre, surgeon & obstetrician in Diego Suarez to provide a linguistic and scientific public acceptance of this
He will offer support to his presentation in the region (Ambanja and ambilobe) at regional conferences to come.
The public was given the number of invitations available (especially doctors and midwives) and interested in a problem that ,as we heard ,was discovered.
We were , as usual, asked for an extended training ( pregnancy, addiction … ) and communication tools support (to achieve).
This action was organized with the (essential) support of the local health authorities.

Watch movie of this action :