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MERRY CHRISTMAS A FAS child (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) is a child who suffers the consequences of a mother who’s drinking during pregnancy. This alcoholisation is the result of [...]

Global Prevalence of fetal alcohol syndrome

Estimation of national, regional, and global prevalence of alcohol use during pregnancy and fetal alcohol syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Svetlana Popova, Shannon Lange, Charlotte Probst, Gerrit [...]

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD): an Approach to Effective Prevention

Sylvia Roozen1,2 & D. Black3 & G-J. Y. Peters1,4 & G. Kok1,2 & D. Townend1,5 & J. G. Nijhuis1,6 & G. H. Koek1,7 & L. M. G. Curfs1,8 © [...]

Another French Paradox?

Use of Alcohol during Pregnancy in France: Another French Paradox? In many industrialized countries including France the country of the first description of FAS in 1968, the sanitary [...]

Life expectancy of people with Fetal alcohol sydrome

Nguyen Xuan Thanh1, Egon Jonsson2 The life expectancy of people with FAS is considerably lower than that of the general population. As the cause of FAS is known [...]

Reducing the Stigma in FASD Public Health Messages :

An Initiative of the NOFAS Circle of Hope “Stamp out Stigma” Campaign Kathleen Tavenner Mitchell, 2016 The NOFAS Stamp out Stigma Campaign seeks to reduce the blaming of [...]

Right to be born healthy

Fetal alcohol and the right to be born healthy… This strategy has been successfully used to make diseases like Scurvy and Smallpox, a history. The impact of this [...]

April is Alcohol Awareness month

Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy could be found guilty of a criminal offence if they damage unborn child

• Legal test case claims brain damaged six-year-old girl is victim of crime • Argues she was 'poisoned' after her mother drank alcohol while pregnant • Case is [...]

« A drink or two may be good for baby? »

We are alarmed to learn of many recent news articles reporting  the results of a recent epidemiological study entitled "Light drinking in pregnancy, a risk for behavioral problems [...]