SAF in Reunion Island

SAF in Reunion Island

It is estimated in Reunion Island that 5% of pregnancies occur in the context of harmful maternal alcoholisation, with the risk of developmental disorders in the unborn child. Leading cause of non-genetic mental retardation, fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) would be the cause for 10% of the ch  ildren put in specialized institutions.

Created from a common desire of professionals of medico-psycho-social and educational fields Reunisaf operates since September 2001 to prevent maternal alcoholisation, to improve early detection as well as care and support for mothers ,their children and their families.
The network brings together over 600 professionals ‘resources’. It operates in the South, but its regionalization is planned and is expected to expand in the East during the second semester of 2008.

Although considered a model nationally, Reunisaf has suffered budget cuts. They forced him to stop his activities including research …

March 4, 2003 – Women hiding

It was in 1989 that the of early  acting medico-social center(CAMSP) was born on the premises of the former Hospital for Children in St. Louis. The object, then, was to identify the difficulties …

March 4, 2003 – Pregnant women: disgraceful alcohol

Long time been taboo, alcohol consumption among pregnant women is the leading cause of disability in young islanders.Since one year, the association Réunisaf (for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) is at the heart of a preventive network involving health care professionals, social workers, judges and teachers. First national will serve as a reference for other regions in France.

October 12, 2003 – Prevention of Fetal Alcohol

Reunisaf in basse -terre (Saint-Pierre)

The Prevention Committee of the Association Reunisaf organized yesterday a day of entertainment in Basse-Terre, in partnership with the Cultural Services of Saint-Pierre and neighborhood associations.