June 15, 2004  – Good results for Reunisaf

Network for the prevention of fetal alcohol in the south of the island

Reunisaf network which, in the south of the island, work to prevent Fetal Alcohol brings good results : pregnant patients are followed by alcohol earlier, which enables faster support for abstinence and decreases with affected children.

October 21, 2004 – Anne-Marie Payet obtains display of the risks on the bottles

SAF in Reunion Island

SAF in Reunion Island

For over a year, Senator Anne-Marie Payet struggles to adopt prevention devices against the fetal alcohol syndrome. After obtaining three steps in this direction in July, she was able to vote Tuesday night, under the law on disability rights, an amendment previously rejected: the obligation to inform appropriate labeling bottles and cans of alcoholic beverages the danger they pose to pregnant women.

November 6, 2004 – « Exporting the model »

St-Louis : Reunisaf shares its actions of prevention

The Prevention Network of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome received yesterday the President of the General Directorate of National Health Insurance fund (Canam). Gerard Quevillon met Noema, an « ex-alcoholic patient ». Now converted into an adult relaying to supports mothers who endanger their fetus.