Anne-Marie PayetJanuary 13, 2009 – Anne-Marie Payet, senator of Reunion Island :

« All families in Reunion are affected by a problem of alcoholism »

All islanders have family relative who is affected by alcohol. The fight against this scourge is a cause defended in the Senate by Anne-Marie Payet since her election seven years ago. January 6, Senator gave fully support the measure proposed by the Region to increase the tax on spirits produced locally and imported. In this interview, she said other measures that could reduce the influence of alcohol on the society in Reunion..

September 21, 2009 – « Living with the guilt »

FETAL ALCOHOL – Someone from Reunion testified at the Senate

Because she drank during her pregnancies, Elisabeth Payet has two children with fetal alcohol syndrome. Even if she « found happiness, » the young woman lives with this « terrible guilt ». That is why she fights today to avoid this « hell » to others. This week, she will testify in the Senate

April 28, 2010 – The driver allegedly abused his passenger

Saint-Denis – Employee by GIHP

A 43 year old man is brought to the floor this morning for the rape of a young major achievement of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
No to fetal alcohol syndrome

8 septembre 2010 – Non au syndrome d’alcoolisation fœtale

Il y a trois ans, Reunisaf lançait une démarche globale de sensibilisation sur le Syndrome d’Alcoolisation Fœtale et depuis elle persévère. Elle organise des actions de sensibilisation et d’information à la fin de cette semaine (du 9 au 19 septembre).