Jean Claude ROY, specialist teacher

Jean Claude ROY, specialist teacher

April 7, 2005  – A conference to learn

The management of children with fas in schools

Students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome often have difficulty to learn. Reunisaf organises a conference today with professionals in the world of education so that they can locate and assist them effectively.

September 6, 2005  – Alcohol and pregnancy do not match

When mothers drink, children toast … The observation is certainly not new. But since 2001, the struggle against the network Reunisaf the fetal alcohol syndrome begins por …

September 9, 2005 – Fact-Finding Mission on the social Reunion

Delegation of senators to the meeting

Today happens to the Meeting a delegation of the Social Affairs Committee of the Senate. Composed of 12 parliamentarians including Senator Anne-Marie Payet delegation accomplishes this mission of information 10 days in Reunion and Mayotte.
Upon their arrival, they must be met at the airport by Nassimah Dindar, President of the General Council, Catherine Gaud, Vice-President of the Regional Council, André Thien Ah Koon, deputy mayor of the buffer by M. Bonneau, CEO Father Favron foundation, Dr. Lamblin of Reunisaf, and Anne-Marie Payet teaches us the Parliamentary Secretariat elected Reunion. Before the guest of TV news channel RFO, the delegation will visit precarious housing with ‘La Fondation Abbé Pierre ‘ at Le Port.
Tomorrow she will be one day in Cilaos. Monday,the senators will attend a General Council meeting where they will discuss about the social minimum. According to the parliamentary secretariat Anne-Marie Payet must participate ANPE, CAF, ADI, the delegation of women’s rights and equality, a member of CCAS each municipality, senators and deputies of Reunion Island.

Report of a mission carried out from 8 to 18 September 2005 a delegation to study the social situation in Reunion Island.

Among the topics discussed by the mission during its meetings and visits to Reunion Island, two are particularly to be developed. Their successes are indeed examples that could usefully be replicated in France.
The mission has devoted a large part of his time to the study of the means used to Reunion Island to fight against alcohol and more particularly to fight against fetal alcohol syndrome.
Two figures illustrate the severity of the problem in Reunion: Alcohol is involved in nearly half of the accidents and fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the leading cause of mental retardation observed.
This high alcohol consumption fits into one particular historical and cultural context related to a « culture of rum. » With the abolition of slavery, freedom is expressed as the ability to drink alcohol. Many years later, rum, popular drink is always present as a symbol of the island. The liquor prominently present in local consumption, although in volume, it is beer which is most consumed.
Consumption of alcoholic beverages is one of punctuating uses social life (parties, religious rituals …). It also lends itself to the many qualities of alcohol acting on the body or on the moral, « alcohol-drug. » It is also considered normal for a worker from drinking his « little rum » before leaving in the evening after work.
Nevertheless, in a festive tolerated and accepted social practices there is often misuse and they goes beyond excess. The harmful alcohol present in the families is a social reality. In addition, precocious alcohol taking among youth becomes a serious public health problem…

…Better… awareness of the risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy is indeed a priority, as already stated the Social Affairs Committee in supporting the initiative of Anne-Marie Payet, Senator of Reunion Island, leading to  the mandatory labels on alcohol prevention message for pregnant women, this message must naturally be sufficiently visible and explicit.