September 9, 2003  marks the fifth International Day for Prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. At 9 h
09, in each time zone, all the inhabitants of the world will take a minute to think about this important public health problem. I encourage you all to do the same.

reunisaf1On this occasion, we will all have a white cord to develop a collective consciousness, an essential first step for the implementation of prevention of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) and Alcohol Effects on (FAE), and untie the knot of this international drama. Do not let FAS and other effects of alcohol on the fetus steal the future generations: collaborate and talk about it on days like this.

This is how actually began Reunion involvement in primary prevention, based on this International Day.
Events to mothers and expectant mothers, adolescents and families as well as health professionals have been organized so far :

» Church bells rang Reunion 9 am to 09 a minute of reflection
» An exhibition on the evils of alcohol during pregnancy took place in the library of Saint-Pierre, a tale about the problems was offered to children
» Student nurses (with the support of the Institute of Nursing Education) and student midwives brought a message of prevention to the attention of hospital staff
» An exhibition on the FAS has been proposed in the lobby of the Centre Hospitalier Sud Reunion with network actors to answer to questions from the public
» Medical sales representatives have provided physicians with information about FAS and its prevention and the specific tools developed by the Meeting Reunisaf (first national network of FAS)

All these events were reported by the media (TV, Radio and Newspapers) :

At 9:09 this morning, the church bells will ring for the meeting invite everyone to a minute of reflection on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. In our island, the consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is the leading cause of mental retardation at birth.

Yesterday, Reunisaf sensitized the public to the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy in the hospital of Saint-Pierre. The network could then come forward and make contact with the mothers.

reunisafReunisaf was born in September 2001, but its activities only begin at the end of this year. The establishment in the heart of the network supporting the families and professionals does not allow us the necessary investment in primary prevention, however, we have raised the awareness of the public on 9 September 2002 with the support of the media and churches rang their bell, including the Cathedral of Saint-Denis.
And a relay was proposed to hold a conference to an audience of professional, Nov. 16, 2002.