reunisaf5A Senate delegation composed of 13 senators were on the department to discover, among other actors and actions in perinatal care. We had the opportunity to share with them some important moments strongly related to International Day :

» The 09, they attended a testimony made by noema (relay mom) in college and participated in the television show on RFO
» On the 10th, they met a group of mothers in Cilaos with whom they exchanged their problematic on alcohol,
» On the 12th, they met in the region, with local actors who fight against the evils of alcohol
» On the 16th, they went to the field to meet professionals Perinatal Network (REPERE), the CAMPS
Center for Children in St. Louis and REUNISAF and have lunch with the GHSR addictologists
» Finally, the 16 evening, they attended the seminar which was attended by local professionals along the way the mothers, the buffer, with the support of the Mayor of the city.

Date of September 9, we heard the traditional church bells of the Meeting, which rang at 9 am 09 for a moment of reflection

reunisaf6Exhibitions about the dangers of alcohol during pregnancy occurred in public places or institutions (Centre for Children, School A.Roussin, City of St. Louis …)

The Centre Hospitalier Sud Reunion and Clinic Durieux also participated in the event :

» 2 groups of student nurses were teaching mothers in maternity services and hospital day of GSHR, St. Louis Durieux with distribution of knots, booklets, bottled water (provided by the CILAM) and pens (provided by the pharmacy Chaloupe St Leu).
» An information stall was held in the lobby of GHSR and Durieux Clinic with posters and brochures created by students, diffusion of film (offered by Ex-Nihilo) and exposure of paintings, presented by a mom Workshop.

reunisaf7Intervention in three secondary schools in St Peter by one midwife and two gynecologists. Stands were held with small knots and distribution of information leaflets, including 10 supermarkets on the island (with the help of combining prevention of manufacturers and importers of alcohol: Company and Prevention. Certain nursing students IES, student midwives, students IRTS, the University and IUFM answered the questions of the public.

reunisaf8A debate on the issues of the problem « Alcohol and Pregnancy » took place on the shelves of RFO (Senator A.M Payet, Nassima Dindar, Chairman Senate Committee, Denis Lamblin, noema) + diffusion of the film « Les bébés de l’Alcool » (diffusion offered by Ex-Nihilo) + mini-stories about the event / radio ( « Les Matinales » with Senator)
The movie Les bébés de l’Alcool by Laure Gratias was broadcast at the Cinema Plaza in St. Louis for the first class (diffusion offered by Ex-Nihilo)
A concert was given by artists of Reunion Island in St. Louis parade with pregnant women, followed by a balloon release (logistics partly provided by the City); stand taken collegially by Anchor Association.
Awareness messages have been disseminated to the disco « tent » (Montvert) on 10 at night.
A message of awareness was read by teachers with students of some colleges
Medical representatives brought to doctors some informations on the effects of alcohol on the fetus.
Reading of the story « Flore et ses fleurs » and discussion with children of CM1 at the library of Saint Denis and St Pierre.

reunisaf9Friday Reunisaf organizes a day of awareness about alcohol-related harm to the fetus in St. Louis. Other actions will be carried out elsewhere in the island.

reunisaf10Malformations, mental retardation, behavioral disorders: alcohol consumption during pregnancy can have devastating effects. Even at low doses. Because of this, at least 150 children…


On the occasion of the 7th day of prevention of the effects of alcohol on the fetus, many actions have been taken yesterday by Reunisaf. These include public awareness conducted in the lobby of the hospital of St. Pierre.